App by Matthew Vosburgh, Flags by Graham Bartram


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One universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Price: Free.

FlagWaver is a virtual 3D flag you can hold up and wave.

You can also spin and zoom with a touch. You can even drag the cloth of the flag with your finger as the fabric ripples in the wind.

You can flip the flag around with your finger and look at the back, which is nice, because we even support flags where the two sides are different, like the flag of Oregon.

The Oregon state flag is part of the US States expansion set, 99 cents for the complete set of state flags.

frontoforegon backoforegon

Even works with flags that aren't rectangular, like Ohio's flag (included).


The app comes with over 30 flags built-in for free.

All the flags are the best you can get, very high resolution artwork from top vexilologist Graham Bartram.


The app contains a flag store which gives you access to hundreds of other flags, sold in cheap 99c sets by type or region.


System Requirements

FlagWaver works on any device running iOS 5.0 or higher. It has Retina display support. It automatically adapts its UI perfectly for iPad or iPhone - we don't make you download 2 different apps. It aims to do all this 3D math and wizardry using as little of your CPU as it can, so it should be pretty gentle on your battery even though it runs at a silky-smooth 30 fps.